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    Browse our gallery of custom engraved jewelry, created by our customers. All the artwork was submitted by our customers for their personal use.

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  • Engraved Men's Dog Tag with Custom Medical Alert Symbol

    Men's Silver Smooth Edge Dog Tag with Medic Alert Symbol

    Our customer wanted a subtle Medical Alert Symbol on his dog tag. We were emailed an image of the symbol with instructions on size and positioning. The back was Text Engraved with their medical information.

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  • Engraved Silver Dog Tag with Custom Fire Department Crest

    Sterling Silver Dog Tag with Fire Department Crest:

    Customer submitted their husbands firehouse details and fire department crest to create this custom engraving.

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  • How To Custom Engrave

    Custom engraving your order is simple:

    1. Create your artwork and Email it to us

    2. Review your Engraving Proof

    3. Place your order

  • Engraved Mens Dog Tag with Girlfriends Lips

    Men's Silver Dog Tag Engraved with Girlfriends Lips:

    One of our more creative custom engraving orders, a lady wanted to engrave her lipstick print onto a dog tag as a Valentines gift for her boyfriend.

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  • Custom Engraved Silver Shield Necklace

    Custom Engraved Sterling Silver Shield Necklace with Chi Rho

    Customer emailed us a image of a Chi Rho symbol which was custom engraved on this shield necklace.

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  • Engraved Mens Dog Tag with  Helen Keller Quotation

    Men's XL Dog Tag Engraved with a Helen Keller Quotation:

    Customer emailed us a PDF with the quotation in their preferred font style. Minor edits were made to allow for best layout and fit.

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  • Label Logo Engraved Men's Guitar Pick Necklace

    HIS Men's Silver Guitar Pick Necklace with Company Logo

    Entertainment label emailed their logo as a PDF for custom engraving into this men's silver guitar pick necklace

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  • Creative Help

    Creativity Blocks: A common customer request is that they are not artistic and are not able to create their artwork without help ... Not to worry, If you have the individual components for your artwork in hand, we can merge them together for you to review in your proof.

  • Custom Engraved Money Clip

    Silver Money Clip Engraved with Vintage Car and Monogram

    An illustration of a vintage car was emailed to us with the required monogram.

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